Horse needs financial assistance for medical care! Print

We Save Animals recently came across a beautiful young mare named Cyrcus. The owner recently hired a horse shoer to come to the location where he boards his pride and joy. Unfortunately, the horse shoer trimmed her feet too short and cut her coffin bone in the bottom of her feet. He cut them 2 1/2 inches and it should have been 5. In doing so, he cut into her bone which caused her to have an infection.

A horse foot heals rather slowly which doesn't help because now the coffin bone and has rotated. She is trying to support 1500 pounds. She is in pain every day and she is on all kinds of pain medicine, antibiotics, blood flow medicine called hemoflo and anit-anxiety for her constant pain. She has to constantly stand because if she doesn't the organs will not function properly and to encourage the blood flow in the feet and expedite the healing process.

This was all from a bad horse shoer who hasn't even offered to help and has denied any "mistake." Please be sure to do your due diligence and try to use someone to care for your animals that have been referred to you. The medical costs for sweet Cyrcus are alot every month. She is so young that putting her to sleep is not an option. Please donate and become a hero today!