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Losing a home is an emotional experience for anyone, but news sources now report that beloved companion animals are also being affected in the foreclosure crisis.Cats, dogs and other pets are being left to fend for themselves when homeowners are forced to move to a rental unit that doesn't accept animals, or families simply cannot pay for pet care any longer because of rising home debts.

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She was a chubby puppy, with flabby skin rolls, and the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen. As I sat on the floor to play with her she rolled on her back, and wanted her belly rubbed. This was the first time I laid eyes on Taylor, a doxie puppy who was so much more than a dog to me.

Taylor was 10 weeks old when I got her. She was my first dog, and the excitement of raising a puppy all on my own was exciting, and scary. Taylor was spoiled from the moment we brought her home.

Taylor and I bonded almost instantly she followed me everywhere, and I carried her like a baby. She was a red doxie, and her eyes lit up a room. When ever she looked at me I just melted.
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kittens for adoption from covina, caThese adorable 6 week old kittens were found abandoned with nothing but a bowl of water in Covina, California. Luckily, we found them just in time, They have been hand held and are very affectionate. If you or anyone you know can provide a loving home for one of these kittens please email We Save Animals immediately.
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We Save Animals recently came across a beautiful young mare named Cyrcus. The owner recently hired a horse shoer to come to the location where he boards his pride and joy. Unfortunately, the horse shoer trimmed her feet too short and cut her coffin bone in the bottom of her feet. He cut them 2 1/2 inches and it should have been 5. In doing so, he cut into her bone which caused her to have an infection.

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Dogs need to be stimulated, both mentally and physically. Most breeds of dogs were developed to perform specific jobs for people, such as guarding, herding and hunting—work that demands great physical stamina and intense mental concentration. Without a “job” to do every day, our companion canines can become bored—at the very least. In general, a stimulated dog is a better-behaved dog. If the dog is physically spent, he is much less likely to engage in a variety of problem behaviors.
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San Clemente GoatSan Clemente Island is located 68 miles west of the coast of San Diego, California. Legend has it that Spanish explorers left goats on the island as a food source for future sailors. For the next 500 years, these goats lived, died, and multiplied—isolated on the island with virtually no human contact. At least, that's what we've always heard.

This is a myth. Evidence indicates that San Clemente Island goats were brought to San Clemente Island in 1875 by Salvador Ramirez, who claimed to have brought them from Santa Catalina Island.

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