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We Save Animals also has a special program for donors who wish to either 1) leave their home to us in their will or trust and who wish to enter into a life estate agreement with us; 2) or who are concerned about the continued care of their beloved pets after their passing. It’s called our “Companion Trust Program” and is designed as a way to continue to care for your pets for as long as they live after you die.

Many people contact us hoping that we will take their pets and move them to our Super Shelter at the time of their passing. While we understand your concern relative to the continued care of your beloved animals—we have found that moving your pets is traumatic. They are already grieving from the loss of their friend/their family and then they are taken from the home that they love and moved to an environment that is very different from where they have lived their lives.

Our Companion Trust Program was created to address your concerns about the long term care of your beloved pets. Please understand however that the continued care of your pet is a very expensive undertaking for our organization. That is why we ask that if you wish to participate in the Companion Trust Program, that you make arrangements as part of your planning to either: set aside a fixed sum of money to offset our long term care costs, or with the tax savings that come from your gift, obtain a life insurance policy that will offset the cost of caring for your pet through their lifetime in your home. Our Planned Giving Expert can offer you a care cost estimate, based on the ages and number of pets you have in your home and discuss other options with you.

For more information, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (661)360-4950