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A Charitable Lead Trust (CLT), is also funded by your gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate or other valuable asset. However, unlike a CRT, where you or another individual receive income annually, a CLT is used to create a yearly income stream for We Save Animals for a set number of years or until you die, at which time the funds remaining in the trust will be distributed to your designated beneficiaries (or to you if the trust has a fixed term).

There are two main types of CLT’s: one where the annual income is paid to the charity is a fixed amount, (Charitable Lead Annuity Trust); and one where the annual amount paid is a fixed percentage of the value of the assets placed in the trust (Charitable Lead Unitrust). The CLT can be used to create valuable income for We Save Animals, and provide gift and estate tax deductions for you and your heirs, thereby increasing your wealth during your life and increasing the wealth you can pass on to your loved ones during your life or when you die.

A CLT can also be a “Testementary” trust, which means that it can be funded after your death.

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