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Losing a home is an emotional experience for anyone, but news sources now report that beloved companion animals are also being affected in the foreclosure crisis.Cats, dogs and other pets are being left to fend for themselves when homeowners are forced to move to a rental unit that doesn't accept animals, or families simply cannot pay for pet care any longer because of rising home debts.

Luckily, the Senate is considering the Foreclosure Prevention Act (S. 2636). Support this legislation today! >>

If passed, the Foreclosure Prevention Act will allow victims of abusive lending who are facing foreclosures to stay in their homes while they work through the bankruptcy courts to repay the debt.

For thousands who are victims of abusive lending practices, pet care is often the last thing they can think about.

The Foreclosure Prevention Act will not only help over 600,000 families stand up to abusive lending companies, but it may help hundreds or even thousands of "Foreclosure Pets" stay with the families and senior citizens that love them.
Don't let the truly innocent suffer. Urge your Senator to support S. 2636 >>
Thank you for speaking out against unfair lending practices on behalf of those who have no voice.


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