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About WSA

We Save Animals, (WSA) is a Non-Profit Animal/Pet Rescue Organization that was inspired by seeing first hand the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, which left many animals sick,homeless and deceased. Seeing the word "dead cat" or "dead dog" on the empty, partially standing homes was heart breaking and we knew we needed to do something to help. This past year California, among other states, has been faced with the growing foreclosure crisis. Homeowners are walking away from their homes leaving their poor pets behind with nothing but a bowl of food forcing them to fend for themselves. We decided to form this Organization to help those innocent animals find stable homes from an owner that will love them through thick and thin. WSA was created on the basis of simply "Being a Hero". We'll provide you with monthly updates on our most current rescues and the difference that you are making through your generous contributions. WE can't do this alone....because everyone needs a hero! Become a hero today!!

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WSA Shop now online! Store now online! Your purchase helps provide food, boarding, rescue and covers medical costs. Together we can make a difference in the lives if our animals who have no voice to speak for themselves!

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